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How to Size an Air Conditioner

First let’s say that some professionals do a lot of calculations and spend a lot of time to calculate the exact heating and cooling loads on a building. For our purposes, you’ll be glad to hear, this is far too accurate, as you may see from the available sizes of residential equipment. For instance, do…
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February 23, 2019 0

Air Conditioning Heating Cycle & Thermostat

The information shared here is designed for aircon technicians or at least someone who’s quite technically inclined. With a gas-fired heating cycle, the gas combustion is easy to see, and there are some obvious things to check, like the gas supply, if it is not working. Most gas burners have some sort of combustion air…
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February 17, 2019 0

Aircon Airflow Problems

Many problems can be traced to a general lack of airflow. This means that any cooling your equipment can produce is not distributed and available to do the job you want. If you suspect a problem with the air delivering the cooling, the first thing you to do is change or clean the filter. This…
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January 14, 2019 0

Aircon Tool (Multi-Meter)

  This short article is written to quickly share with you some information on one of the useful tool you can use. A basic tool that you will need for tracing problems is a regular electrical multi-meter. You could also use an electrical circuit tester to check for power or a continuity tester, but the…
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January 10, 2019 0

Components of Air-Conditioner

  Have you ever wondered what are the components that actually made up the air-conditioner system? Below are all the components you need to know.   Outdoor Unit With what are called “split systems”, as they have two units connected with refrigerant piping, the outdoor unit is called an air-cooled condenser. This unit includes the…
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January 6, 2019 0

Heating and Cooling Cycle of Aircon

  Note that this is not only for aircon servicing technicians but also for the end consumers to understand.Here we describe the most common systems used to air condition and heat houses.  These may have two units, one inside and one outside; or be all in one single unit, which may be on the roof…
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December 23, 2018 0

5 mistakes when buying mobile AC

  Here are the 5 commons mistakes and ensure you do avoid them before your portable aircon purchase. 1-Do not buy the wrong cooler. Realize that a swamp cooler is much different than a portable air conditioner. While a swamp cooler does work in the right climate, it uses a different way of cooling than…
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December 18, 2018 0

Energy Efficient Air Conditioners

The heat in summer can be suffocating. Therefore, almost every single day more homes have air conditioning and many new homes are already equipped with air conditioning to get rid of the warm air around them. The market offers a wide variety of high quality products and adapts to environmentally friendly consumers, thanks to more…
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December 5, 2018 0

5 Reasons why Air Conditioner is Blowing Warm Air

AC, or air conditioners have become very important for many, including the home and office during the summer. Air conditioning helps cool the air in your home and offices during the summer season. It provides a lot of relentless heat relief during this season. But life becomes unbearable when air conditioners suddenly start blowing warm…
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November 30, 2018 0

5 common mistakes when you service your aircon

Although its function is quite simple, air conditioners consist of many different and connected parts that depend on several elements to operate adequately. Therefore, a small oversight can have an unwelcome consequence for the whole unit as well as your comfort at home. At least once a season, call the aircon technician to provide general…
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November 22, 2018 0