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You’ll see the relation to this soon.

Is it every worth to buy a portable aircon? Well, to some it’s totally a waste of money and resource. Why? Probably it may not produce the same amount of quality air conditioning as the conventional fixed aircon or some complain because there too much noise.

Upon further analysis, some say never to buy one with a single hose. Reason being, without the 2nd hose, it’s like we are simply dumping out the room we just cooled inside. But how true is this?

The good thing of portable aircon itself, is of course as every know, it’s portable and it’s able to cool almost every kind of places especially those where installation of fixed aircon is not possible. Though portable, it still require electricity to run thus make the place you are about to cool at least has a power socket for you to power up the portable aircon.

Either way, there will be some form of condenser or you have to make sure it’s kept clean always. Why? The air condenser unit is the case formed forced air system unit outside your home. This unit contains the air blower, cooling blades, air move cylinders, and fan. The fan sucks air into the unit and through the cooling blades. The blower contains a unique coolant that it applies to the cooling blades and cylinders. Air cools as it passes by the cooling fans and afterward enters the vents through the cylinders.

As your condensers’ fan sucks in air, it might likewise pull arbitrary outside materials onto the unit. This stuff gets held up in the condenser balances, where it squares wind stream simply like it would reporting in real time channel. Mood killer the ability to the condenser unit and completely clean it. Start with the condenser blades and work your way into the inward unit. Be mindful so as not to harm anything inside the condenser while you’re cleaning.


Some myths about your aircon


Individuals are continually looking for approaches to utilize vitality all the more productively with the goal of getting a good deal on utilities and limiting their carbon impression. Be that as it may, en route, certain thoughts have developed about how individuals think they should utilize their climate control system, versus how the forced air system really functions. Aside from just maintaining your aircon, perhaps by your aircon servicing technician, you need to also be equipped with some knowledge of your aircon. Now check out these 6 myths!



#1: Using a low set-point temperature will diminish stickiness like Dry Mode

Forced air systems expend vitality at a rate that depends on open air temperature and relative mugginess. Be that as it may, the manner in which AC remotes are planned frequently cause us to focus on the temperature and “Power” fastens alone, overlooking different modes.

Since we are extremely touchy to mugginess and react to dampness overwhelming conditions by perspiring, we wind up feeling much more smoking. Now and again it is progressively useful to utilize our AC on “Dry Mode” – an AC work that could be more vitality productive at extricating mugginess from the room, when conditions are muggy however not very hot – as it is basically a more fragile adaptation of “Cool Mode”.

Utilizing Dry Mode will make the fan in your AC work at a more slow speed, bringing about a cooler evaporator curl that consolidates water fume as the AC smothers the dry air through the machine. This mode won’t totally dehumidify your home however it will diminish dampness and will likewise utilize less vitality than the full “Power” or “Cool” modes.


#2: Setting your AC to a lower temperature will cool the room quicker and all the more effectively

Except for inverter ACs, ordinary units can just turn the blower ‘on’ or ‘off’. So whether you set your AC for 23°C or 19°C, your AC won’t work any quicker to arrive at the lower temperature. A lower set-point temperature will in the end utilize more vitality – and on the off chance that you neglect to re-modify it, your AC will over-cool and be less effective.

The littler the contrast among open air and indoor temperatures, the lower your general vitality bill will be. Here are a couple of tips on proficiently utilizing your AC.


#3: Keeping your climate control system on throughout the day will spare more vitality than turning it on/off

A few people accept that it’s progressively successful to leave your AC running throughout the day, in any event, when nobody is near. Your AC expends less power when totally killed, rather than working throughout the day – even at a higher temperature.

So truly, it’s progressively proficient to kill your AC when it isn’t required. It will likewise run all the more effectively while working at max throttle for shorter time frames than while keeping up a consistent temperature.


#4: Temperature is the main thing that controls your solace

There are 6 components which influence your warm solace – while your climate control system just considers! Things like brilliant daylight, the measure of attire you wear or dampness are urgent components of how agreeable you may feel.

Since climate control systems just consider, renouncing all these different components, we end up continually feeling excessively cool, too hot or out and out uneasy. Since your forced air system is restricted about what it can detect, just having the option to discharge air in a specific preset temperature, it cannot follow up on these various components, think about them and enhance your condition.

To connect this enormous solace hole, an incredible arrangement could be a Smart remote controller! Gadgets, for example, these would have different sensors and utilize an ocean of online information to accurately dissect and improve your environment; sensors and information could incorporate interior stickiness, daylight and following of our metabolic process duration (of day), among others, hence giving an unheard of level of precision, mechanization and control.

Some Smart Controllers will even utilize AI and Machine Learning to additionally find out about your inclinations to auto-change your AC dependent on your needs and produce customized comfort.


#5: Air conditioners produce or make outside air

In spite of mainstream thinking, forced air systems don’t make, let in, or produce natural air. What they basically do is refrigerate the air inside a room.

Here’s the way an ordinary AC unit works: your AC powers refrigerant to vanish and gather into a gas inside the arrangement of loops. As this fluid compound believers into a gas, it gets colder. The refrigerants convert from fluid back to gas in a consistent push through a blower.

This procedure of change creates heat, which is pushed outside by another arrangement of condenser curls and a fan. While cooling may feel like new or outside air is being created in your room, in actuality you are simply feeling refrigerated indoor air.


#6: Unless there’s an issue, you don’t have to consistently check your AC

For whatever length of time that your AC turns on and courses cool air inside your home, it might be anything but difficult to overlook that these apparatuses need some standard upkeep. Make sure to intermittently clean your AC and channels to guarantee productive execution. The distinction in vitality utilization between a grimy channel and a tidy one can be up to ~5% so try to be in control!



How effective is air purifier


Do we truly require air purifier?

This is one of the most well-known inquiries posed about air purifiers.

The short answer is indeed, air purifiers are incredibly compelling at cleaning the air around you inside.

An air purifier’s main responsibility is to assault, trap, and gather any airborne contaminants that might be coasting around your home.

For a model, air purifiers with a HEPA channel can evacuate and trap particles as little as 0.3 microns. This incorporates microscopic organisms, form spores, pet dander, residue, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. An air purifier with a HEPA filtration framework is valuable since it sift through up to 99.97% of hurtful airborne particles.

So, you may now be pondering, “Are air purifiers valuable for assisting with normal medical issues?”

The appropriate response is a reverberating yes.

The procedure of air filtration makes the air inside increasingly beneficial to relax.

Taking into account that more than 24 million individuals in the United States alone have asthma or issues with hypersensitivities, this is an extraordinary explanation behind purchasing an air purifier.

Air purifiers are known for rapidly and viably lessening asthma and hypersensitivity triggers. It’s likewise one of the most cost-productive alternatives to help deal with the triggers inside your home without depending exclusively taking drugs.

These gadgets expel particles from the air you inhale that are terrible for your well-being including allergens, microscopic organisms, form, infections, pet dander, residue, smoke, and compound gases.

Remember however that air purifiers are useful for everybody to use in the home. Not simply individuals who have ailments.

Because you don’t see a moment sentiment of alleviation like an asthmatic does, the long haul impacts of breathing natural air will become obvious the more you run the machine. Likewise, in the event that you utilize an air cleaner in your room, you should see a more profound, progressively relaxing rest since you’re not breathing in particles that could be making you wake up during the night.

The truth of the matter is a decent air purifier is a long haul answer for making a general more advantageous condition inside your home since they trap, lock, and evacuate any airborne contaminants skimming around. No other gadget available can do this for you.

While air purifiers are not 100% fundamental for everybody to have in the home, truly a greater number of individuals profit by them than not.

Studies have indicated that indoor air quality can be up to multiple times more terrible than the air outside. This is on the grounds that there are numerous things inside the home that produce undetectable airborne contamination, for example, cleaning supplies, building materials, paints, microbes, cooking particles, pets, smoke, dust bugs, and so forth.

Also, in light of the fact that our homes are so firmly fixed, this contaminated air has no spot to go and keeps on coursing around your home.

Tainted air can prompt a wide range of respiratory issues just as cerebral pains, weakness, and more awful, contingent upon the wellspring of the contamination.

In the event that you have an air purifier in your home, the sheer number of poisons you inhale consistently will quickly begin to diminish. Also, these particles will stay at lower levels as long as you have the air purifier running and keep the channels clean.

It’s that motivation behind why an air purifier is such an extraordinary venture.

Air purifiers come in all shapes, sizes, and brands. Some are truly adept at cleansing the air while others are definitely not.


What should you do if your aircon freeze up?


Ice nearby your climate control system may at first catch you off guard particularly in the center of summer. You may rapidly check within your AC and found the loops canvassed in ice too. It won’t take you well before you comprehend there is an issue in your climate control system. Obviously, you should call an aircon fix administration to fix the issue at the earliest opportunity. Be that as it may, it would be a smart thought to check a couple of things all alone before you call an expert.

Most likely causes

There are various reasons why a forced air system solidifies up. You have to recognize the careful reason for your situation. Deficient wind stream is one basic reason. In the event that the cool air is blocked inside your AC, it might make the evaporative curls grimy and exorbitantly cool, causing icing around the loops. Any breaks in the refrigerant lines may likewise cause solidifying up. Low open air temperature could be an explanation too, particularly when the temperature falls beneath 60 degrees F.

What steps you should take

In the event that you notice ice on your forced air system, you should make the accompanying strides.

Before you even call for any aircon servicing, check this out first.

  • Defrost the unit – Simply start by killing your AC unit. Ensure you place an enormous trey under the unit to gather the water as the ice dissolves. You can likewise run the AC in ‘fan just’ mode to allow the to ice defrost. At that point clean the whole unit with dry garments.

  • Check the temperature setting – Ice can develop in your AC, on the off chance that you set the temperature excessively low. In a perfect world, you ought not set the temperature in excess of 18 degrees lower than the outside temperature. So check the temperature and modify the indoor regulator setting as needs be.

  • Check for any obstacles – If there is any furnishings or different hindrances before your forced air system, consider evacuating those, so the unit gets space to discharge the cool air with no issue.

  • Clean the air channel – You can without much of a stretch expel the air channel from the unit. Check whether the channel is filthy. It is essential to clean the channel and curls consistently. Without normal support, your AC’s air channel may amass residue, earth, and may get stopped up, hindering the wind stream inside the framework. Clean the channel with water and cleanser. Whenever required, consider supplanting the channel to improve wind current all through the framework.

  • Clean the outside unit – Whether you are utilizing a window AC, a focal AC, or a smaller than usual split AC, it will have a huge unit introduced outside your home. You should check the open air unit for any blockage or obstacle in wind stream. At some point a remote article may hinder the wind current or there could be an issue with a grimy channel discouraging typical air dissemination. You have to clean the open air unit and see whether the issue leaves.

In the event that the issue endures, consider calling an aircon fix administration right away. A HVAC professional is the best individual to recognize the main driver of the issue and give you a perpetual arrangement.

Tips on how to clean a fan














The fan is one of the most affordable electronic devices for cooling the room. But, how do you know when your fan is buzzing? The sound may be quite annoying and it doesn’t want to turn around. Take a look here for tips and how to fix a mounted fan.

Unlike aircon, we may call the technician down for aircon servicing. However, with a fan, we might just be able to do it ourselves. However, note that for ceiling fan, it’s just slightly different.

You can do it independently at home without the help of a service provider.

It’s easy and most important that you want to do it diligently and tenaciously.

On the other hand you can save your monthly expenses.


How Can a Wind Fan Be Humming?

There are two possible causes.

First, the fan is totally worn out.

So you have to replace it with a new one.

You should change the front and back.

Secondly, the possibility of a fan motor with a stator (plate) is out of center because the front and rear motor housing is tight. So the motor mounts to the stator.

The solution is not just replacing the bearing, but replaces a set of casing (motor housing with bearing) front and rear.


How To Repair An Interrupted Drone Fan

One of the most common problems with a fan is that the fan is stuck thus it is unable to rotate at all and it comes with a buzzing sound.

This problem is enough to make your ears go bleed right?

At times, you may need to replace it with a new bearing.

Learn more about the steps below:

  1. Unlock the Wind Fan Frame

Unplug the outside of the propeller fan.

Carefully remove the bolts that lock your fan dynamo frame.

To prevent any unplugged cable.

  1. Take a look at the Dynamo Cover

To fix the next fan, remove the dynamo motor cover, then open the bolt and remove the stator (plate with spool) and the motor.

Do it carefully, do not make the roll disconnect as it can be fatal.

Your fan might not work.

  1. Find the Wind Bearing / Bearing

Check the dynamo motor, whether it has occurred in bearing / bushing.

Do this by looking at the eye or by inserting the motor into the bearing and shaking it right and left. If it’s loose, it could mean the bearing is worn out.

Remove the bearing and replace it with a new one.

Then reinstall the bearing to the dynamo motor.

  1. Clean the Dirt

Once the bearing is in place,  give the fan a brief dry wipe.

Do this to prevent dust from getting stuck in the engine or propeller.

  1. Install the Wind Fan

First give grease / oil / paste.

Then reinstall all existing templates and components.

Then test your fan.

Once all the parts are installed correctly, turn on the fan.


More Tips on Treating the Fan

  1. Clean the fan

Equipment or items that are often cleaned will be durable, too!

Moreover the fan tends to get dirty on the throttle / propeller.

Clean the fan once every 2 weeks or if you do not have much free time you should clean it once a month.

  1. Avoid Crude Use

Do not act rigidly by turning the fan head slightly, this may result in the fan not being able to move the jammed alias.

  1. Don’t Use the Fan Every Time, Take a Pause

The buzzing fan may be a factor other than the bearing that needs to be replaced is the engine is too hot.

So give yourself a break for your fan to rest.

You can turn off the fan for 10 minutes and then use it again.


Types of Air Conditioning widely used









In general, there are 5 types of air conditioning used widely in residential, office and commercial buildings.

Here are the 5 types of air conditioning:


Wall Mounted

Compact and compact, it is ideal for small bedrooms such as bedrooms and a limited living room.

Advantages: • Modern design with a variety of options. • Has additional features. • Easy to install. • Readily available.

Disadvantages: • Not suitable for heavy-duty use.


Cassette Ceiling

Ideal for small rooms like bedrooms OR larger rooms like offices, restaurants and meeting rooms

Advantages: • Suitable for installing both small and large rooms. • Good ventilation with 4-dimensional flow.

Disadvantages: • Require ceiling plaster or sufficient space for ceiling cassette unit.


Floor Standing

Provides strong winds, ideal for high traffic areas such as shops, restaurants and more.

Advantages: • Easy to install and you don’t have to worry about installation as it can be laid on the floor. • Quick cooling due to its large fan produces stronger winds.

Disadvantage: • Limited use of space.


Concealed Ceiling

Air conditioners hidden on or in the ceiling, ideal for rooms without disturbing the interior.

Advantage: • The space looks neat and clean with no air conditioning unit.

Disadvantage: • Hard to install because they are hidden in the ceiling. • Difficult to do maintenance work.


Portable Air conditioner

Can be placed anywhere. Just install the plug and you can continue to use it!

Advantage: • Compact. • No installation required. • Can be used both indoors and outdoors.

Disadvantage: • Can only be used in small to medium sized spaces. • Not very efficient when used outside the building. • Sound greater than Wall Mounted because compressor is in air conditioning unit. • Need to heat the released air.


The top 5 economical ways to engage aircon company


We wrote this to ensure you are fully aware of the possible options that could be made available for you. Below we have listed the top 5 ways for you to get the most economical price.


1.      Words of mouth & personal recommendation

Most people overlook this. Try checking with your friends or relatives if they have any aircon servicing company to recommend. They may have experienced some who has provided them very good rates but yet with quality service. In fact, you may get even much cheaper than what they got due to the recommendation. Here we are referring to personal recommendations, i.e. people whom you really know in person. We are NOT referring to those recommendations through online reviews or forums as for those you may never know which is made up.


2.      Service Your Own Aircon

Yes, yet again most people overlook this area. Sometimes, the aircon issue may not be a serious one, for an instance mild foul smell or aircon blower not as strong as it used to be. While this kind of service may not be as intensive as done by professionals, you’ll be surprised how often it helps. All it needs is some effort from you to clean the aircon filter and perhaps some cleaning on the aircon itself. We would recommend that you head on to YouTube and search for “aircon servicing DIY”. If this could actually solve your existing aircon issue, it’s already a 100% savings for you.


3.      Engage through SGTUB

If you really need to engage an aircon company but yet you do not have any personal recommendations, then engaging the aircon service through SGTUB is your next option for the best price. Reason why we recommend this is because not only could you get the lowest possible price but also the quality of work will not be affected. Another reason why this option is popular is because the flat rate discount applies regardless of the number of aircon you service, and no contract required. Imagine if you were to service more than 1 unit, then you can expect even more savings.


4.      Maintenance contract

Another way for you to save cost in the long run is to sign up for a maintenance contract with an aircon company for regular servicing. This maintenance is usually every 3-4 months. While this may save you cost in long run, it’s not a popular option among most people due to 2 major reasons. Number 1, people do not find the need to service the aircon regularly, which could be true in a sense if you know how to upkeep your aircon and depending on how frequent your aircon is used. Number 2, should you find the aircon servicing company you engage no longer doing a good job it used to, then you are probably stuck with the poor service until the contract expire. Most people do not like to be locked down, as such ensure you are willing to accept the risk if you are taking this option.


5.      Service multiple units

For some reasons if there is a need to service more than 1 aircon unit, then you could actually get a better price. However, most of the time, you may end up forcing to service the unit you don’t really need just to enjoy better rates. Still, this is another option for you to consider.


The use of air conditioner (AC) in other less developed countries










Do you know the usage of air conditioner in other less developed countries? One of the country interviewed was Indonesia. Out of the 100 families it is estimated that only seven use AC. The reason, besides the price is still quite expensive, the electricity consumption is also high. 1 PK capacity AC only has the first electric power of 800 watts, even though not all houses have large electrical power.

Later AC manufacturers tried to overcome this obstacle by launching low wattage AC, aka low power AC. Which launches include Sharp, Panasonic, and Samsung. The consumption of low wattage AC electricity is only half that of ordinary AC. Sharp AC consumption for example, only 330 watts, Samsung 390 watts, and Panasonic can up to 175 watts.

In order to reduce electricity consumption, the AC-AC is equipped with a technology called an inverter. That is a kind of power conversion circuit to control electric current, voltage, and frequency of a device.

For example, Panasonic CS-S12GKP AC. This type of air conditioner if turned on and has reached the desired temperature does not immediately die. Unlike non-inverter air conditioners, the air conditioner will turn off if the room temperature is cold and live again when the room decreases its coolness.

Low wattage AC from Panasonic needs electricity 175 watts – 1140 watts. When the AC works to reach the desired temperature, the electricity consumption is large. Once the temperature is reached, the electricity consumption will decrease. “Turning the motor in the AC will gradually adjust to adjust to the room temperature so that the energy needed is small,” he explained.


Similar to an inverter

Samsung Low Wattage does not use an inverter but only adopts an inverter-like technology called good sleep mode. This air conditioner is able to keep the room temperature more stable, the temperature does not rise or fall suddenly. “Sleep can be sound because people don’t feel hot or cold”. Therefore this air conditioner is suitable for people whose sleep patterns have problems due to room temperature.

For homes with only 900 watts of electricity, please use Sharp Sayonara Panas which only needs 330 – 130 watts of electricity. Sayonara can operate in low voltage by relying on inverter-like capacitors to accommodate electricity. When the voltage drops, the AC uses electricity in the capacitor.

Sharp issued two types of low wattage, AP5HHL and AH-AP5HML. Just like other Sharp AC products, Sayonara Panas is equipped with the sixth generation plasma cluster whose claimed blowing power is 15 times stronger. The first type is equipped with water purifying filter and 4 way auto air swing that allows the wind to spread up, down, left and right. “This AC is suitable for homes with 900 watts of electricity, no need to add power anymore,” said Hendy Setiawan Product Assistant Manager of PT Sharp Electronics. Amalia M Roozanty


How efficient is it?

Low wattage AC is claimed to be able to save costs 30-50 percent compared to ordinary air conditioning. Here’s an example of the calculation. AC inverter (amount of cooling speed) 4275 kwh / day x 30 days x Rp500 / kwh = Rp63,113 per month. While non-inverter AC or regular AC, 8941 kwh / day x 30 days x Rp500 / kwh = Rp134,123 per month. There is a difference of Rp71,010 per month or 52 percent more cost-effective.

But according to Togar, in a year the amount of rupiah issued for the two types of AC is actually the same. AC inverters are more economical in operating costs, but the purchase price is more expensive than non-inverter air conditioners. For example, Sayonara Panas measuring ½ PK is priced at IDR 3.1 million – IDR 3.5 million / unit. “It’s comparable to the value added offered,” Hendry added.

In addition to the latest technology such as inverters, to know whether an AC is energy efficient or not, see its EER unit (energy efficiency). EER is a comparison between the cooling speed or BTU (British thermal units) and the electrical power used. For example, an AC BTU of 1 PK is 9040: 800 watts will produce EER 11.3. The higher the EER number means the smaller the energy used aka energy saving.

According to Christien, EER 11 is classified as energy efficient and efficient. He acknowledges that most consumers pay little attention to this matter. Usually the only question is the wattage. “Even though small watts of cooling are not necessarily maximum,” he said.

Therefore, if you are lazy to ask, pay attention to the product specifications listed in the brochure. See how many BTUs, sizes, features, and other advantages. For ½ PK sized air conditioners, for example, the BTU number that is supposed to be 5000 is often reduced to 4500 so it becomes inefficient. Other ways to choose AC are already popular and widely used because usually the specifications are better. By the way, if you are keen, check out how aircon installation is carried out.


Why home services business are so popular


There are many profitable businesses and one of those is definitely in home services. There are over thousands of companies in this space ranging from all sorts of home services such as cleaning services, plumbing services, painting services, electrical services, aircon services and really many more to mention.

Partly the reason is quite obvious as almost every home owners will require such services unless of course they know how to do it themselves. This is unlike cleaning your home or performing your laundry with the help of washing machine and clothes dryer, for home services, at times we just require a professional to do it. As we already know, there are so many homes in Singapore regardless in private or public housing. So you can expect a lot of people who would love to open up their business in this space and provide their services. The best part, such services are almost recurring means it’s expected that the home owners will require the services over and over again.

Due to this, you can see that this home services space is kind of over saturated with many businesses compete with one another in this cut throat business. In fact, it used to only be the traditional sort however today it’s getting even more digital. Traditional in the sense where people used to browse through newspaper, yellow pages, flyers to locate the services they require and calling them directly. However in this digital age, e-commerce has exploded in this space where you can now order your services directly from your computer or mobile devices. The choices is huge and it’s really the consumer world.

Some business owner choose to focus only on a single nice, example on cleaning services whereas some would prefer to offer all of it. The thing about e-commerce is there’s actually 2 kinds. One is where the company offering the services themselves are going digital where customer could place the order online, including online payment. The other is where a middleman opening up online marketplace connecting consumers and service providers. This is useful especially for service providers who are not really visible online. They would join such platform and list their services, especially those having high traffic in order to have their service offering known to others. In such model, these service providers may need to compromise a little. This means since they are not actually spending money to advertise themselves, but instead leveraging on online marketplace, they may have to compromise on the commission cut to pay the online marketplace.

Take for example aircon services, they may actually be charging $40 per unit for general aircon servicing however because they had to pay for the platform commission, they will only receive about 80% from the $40. There used to be a time where online marketplace is all about selling products such as shoes, gadgets, furniture, portable aircon, toys or even air purifier. As of 2019, there are more than 10 online marketplace websites in Singapore focusing on home services. Companies such as Kaodim, Flair, ServisHero, Plugbear, Ovvy, Zowedo and really many more are all competing in the same space.

This is the reason why SGTUB was launched slightly different., instead of being a typical online marketplace, ie a shopping website where people pay and order for service instead or product. To know more on, check out

To close off, we would say consumer can expect to have even more choices in the years to come given that the home services business is very lucrative and it will explode soon.


Improving the air circulation within your home or office

air circulation

Almost all of us do not like humid weather, imagine all the heat and stuffy feeling. This may have an impact to whatever we are doing should we be in such environment. In fact, even your focus level might be affected.

To have a good air circulation is the key regardless of how good your aircon unit is. Now, you had probably already knew this but you are wondering how can you possibly improve the air circulation?

Here we share with you some of the tips.


Making use of Air Purifier

Many people overlook this, in fact air purifier can bring you significant benefits. This actually works well together with your air conditioning unit. It basically filter and circulate only purified air throughout your home or office. In order for this to be even more efficient, try placing the air purifier as far as possible (opposite end) from the air conditioning unit but still within the same room. 

In fact, this is an ideal choice for people who suffer from some allergies as when using both air condition together with air purifier, it not only help circulate the air but also free up any unnecessary particles, which may no longer irritate the affected person breathing. If the air purifier is compliant with the HEPA standards, then you can expect more than 99% of the negative air particles and bacteria to be removed. This also helps both elderly and children in terms of reducing the probability of catching a cold or flu virus.

Assuming you are working from home, then the more this may be helpful to you as being stuck with only stake air to breathe, it may be quite detrimental to your health.


Making use of Fan

As many of us already know, fan can be a very budget friendly and effective solution in keep us cool. While fan does not purify the air, it surely helps in keep the air circulated. There are some people who chooses to use the fan function within the aircon or even the portable aircon but it’s more recommended to use the conventional or rather traditional fan if you would call it as it simply works better and uses less power consumption.

We do not want the air around us to remain stagnant as with this it would also mean any germs, bacteria or negative particles around the air will constantly remain around you.

Some may argue that it’s not recommended to use fan in conjunction with your aircon as it may damage your aircon in the long run (causing issues such as water leaking etc) and more aircon servicing is required but the safest bet here would be to keep your room cool with the aircon, and then turn it off before activating the fan. So you still have the coolness around you while the same cool air can now be well circulated by the fan.

Aircon with HRV system

Fortunately in Singapore, most buildings are equipped with this system to help circulate the air, in fact it also helps in regulating moisture where this may actually help in preventing mould.

This HRV system also helps make the internal heating system for efficient, thus when used in conjunction with the air conditioning system, we can expect the air quality to improve tremendously.

While this is something you may not use in your home, it’s good to know that such system do exist to contribute to air circulation.